"I have had shoulder and neck pain pretty much my entire adult life and would wake up with a stiff neck pretty often. Normally, I would get a deep tissue massage to try and get the knots out and this may or may not work as a short term solution. So I decided to try something different and went to Serenity for an acupuncture and cupping session. I can tell you that it has been life changing for me. I no longer have the pain and tension I learned to live with for so long that it became normal. I feel fantastic and would recommend a cupping session to ANYONE that will listen. Go see Maureen today, you will be so glad you did."


-Kate Ramirez Arneth via Facebook 5/20/18

"Maureen is wonderful! She has helped me address a long list of health issues and I have seen life changing results! She has also helped me deal with stress, grief and anxiety! She is a caring, nurturing soul and I feel extremely grateful to know her and to be a patient of hers. I wish every practitioner in the health/wellness and medical arena possessed her bedside manner. Highly recommended!"


-Mary Johnson via Google 11/2018

BEST Deep Tissue in Chicago!
I'm addicted to deep tissue massages and used to only book with men because their hands are stronger.  That was before I met Tayonon.  Her technique of warming up your skin before digging in has made a tremendous difference.  Her massages have become a resource of my whole body health.  Tayonon has become my new addiction... I don't know what I'd ever do without her.  I'm grateful I can now call her a friend too :)

-Megan W. via Yelp 1/9/2017

"Soothes what is ailing. I love treatment with Serenity, whether massage, acupuncture or cupping, and my body mind and spirit are grateful. Ann and fellow practitioners are knowledgable and able to address allergy symptoms, physical problems, slow digestion, stagnation and other "situations". The space is enveloping, comforting, serene and safe. Glad to have found Serenity and to have been a patient for years now. Highly recommended!"


-Juliana Engel via Facebook 3/1/2018

"Last year I was bit by a stray cat which resulted in a bad infection in my finger. The first few antibiotics were only partially effective so I eventually needed surgery to remove the infection in my bone. Throughout this 4 month ordeal, Maureen treated my body to keep me strong and addressed the various side effects of the medications. While monitoring my condition she offered many helpful suggestions that made all the difference in getting through a very scary time. Maureen gave me the emotional support that kept me balanced and focused. I couldn't have gotten through this difficult time without her tender care. I highly recommend Maureen for her wisdom in acupuncture and her heartfelt compassion. She helped me heal on so many levels and supported me back to a normal health."


-Pat Hill via Facebook 2/7/18

“Acupuncture facelift?! Yes, please!! I am over the moon with my Mei Zen results! The results are hard to describe ~ it is me only with less lines, less puffiness. It is me with even color (how does it do that?!) and elasticity (hard to describe). It is me with softened lines on forehead between my eyes (I don't look angry anymore!). Maureen is skilled, professional, and pampering. I cannot recommend her enough. If acupuncture and botox had a baby, it would be Mei Zen. You want this. Trust me.”


-T-Ann Pierce via Google 3/11/2019


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