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Chinese New Year 2020: Yang Blue Water and White Metal Rat

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

January 25, 2020 ushers in the Year of the Yang Blue Water and White Metal Rat (two elements this year). In China, rats are revered for being resourceful and adaptable survivors (much different than here in The West). They symbolize wealth and the dawn of a new day.

The color white associated with The Year of the Rat means we will be very focused in 2020. The metal element emphasizes courage, purity, generosity, and forgiveness. Use this yang energy (yang is active and dynamic) to build the framework for your next 12-year cycle that the rat will usher in. Make sure your plans are well-laid. The color blue will give us fluidity, so our metal doesn’t get too rigid. The water element will offer an urge to understand and nurture our psyches.

Last year, Year of the Yin Yellow Earth Pig, was a time of study and preparation, assessment and reflection, feeling phlegmatic and even “stuck in the mud” at times (yin is passive and gathering). Year of the Rat will feel very different from that energy. It’s all about taking action and moving quickly--literally like a rat! It’s a new phase to apply any updated talents you have been working on over the last few years. Seize professional opportunities, go for that dream job!

The lucky colors this cycle are gold and white (metal), and blue (water). From a health perspective--because you will find yourself much more “on the move,”--be careful not to overexert and pay special attention to your lower body. Adequate rest and proper diet will be crucial to your wellbeing. Pay attention to the immune system and the lungs and anything involving the bones this year.

We could see the beginnings of some very profound societal shifts as we did in the last Metal Year of the Rat -- 1960. We may see a lot of non-violent protests in many countries as this shift occurs. There will be intense storms involving water and wind, too. With this will come a greater understanding of the reality of climate change and a stronger collective Will to do something about it. Let’s hope this is the case!

Foods that are good to eat for Chinese New Year include whole fish, chinese tea eggs, noodles, fried rice, and dumplings. Have some fun celebrating The Year of the Rat!

Best wishes & good health always,

Maureen McLaughlin, LAc

Here is a great recipe for Chinese Tea Eggs:


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