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13 Benefits of Getting a Weekly Massage

Other than releasing tension in the body, getting massage therapy on a consistent basis has numerous benefits! Here are some ways massage can help your mind, body, and spirit:

•Promotes better sleep

•Improves mood and creates an overall sense of well-being

•Improves joint range of motion and helps you to be flexible

•Lowers stress levels so you can chill out

•Increases serotonin and endorphin levels #FEELGOOD

•Facilitates healing of injured tissue - helps wounds heal properly

•Helps flush toxins out of the body

•Reduces anxious feelings & uplifts your mood

•Boosts immune function

•Aids in proper posture

•Reduces blood pressure

•Increases mental alertness and clarity

•Relieves headaches, backaches, and pain

Ready to book your massage? Contact us here now to find an opening that fits your schedule.

Love, Team Serenity <3

Serenity Holistic Health

503 Madison St

Oak Park, IL 60302

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