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Why Massage is More Than Just a Nice Way to Treat Yourself

Is massage just a nice way to “treat” yourself? A luxurious splurge when we’re looking to reward ourselves for special occasions? It can be, but it shouldn’t always be the case.

Massage is more than just a special occasion gift or treat to our self. It can be an important part of our self-care and health. Massage offers many health and pain relief benefits. With different massage styles and techniques, we can try to tackle a variety of issues.

Swedish Massage is a great way to relax. Massage may help reduce stress and anxiety. (Everyone responds differently.) Massage can even be paired with aroma therapy and soothing sounds to engage the senses. Massage may help the body promote the release of serotonin and dopamine, the “feel good” chemicals.

Lymphatic Drainage can be helpful post surgical, or with people suffering from a poor lymphatic system or edema. Manual lymphatic drainage is a lighter pressure technique used to help the lymph and fluid move out from the body’s tissue to the body’s lymphatic system. Some people who suffer from a variety of ailments, (cancer, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc..) have found a form of relief with this technique.

Myofascial Release is another lighter technique that carries a big benefit. We all have fascia, (connective tissue), that covers our muscles. When that tissue gets tight it can cause pain, limited range of motion, etc. With lighter pressure and a technique called skin rolling and other light manipulation, we can help loosen that initial layer of tissue. Great for people who feel stiff or those who suffer from myofascial pain syndrome.

Deep Tissue Massage has similar techniques to the Swedish massage however, with deep tissue we are trying to reach those deeper muscles. This technique uses a firmer pressure and slower massage strokes. This type of massage technique is helpful to those deeper muscle pain, helps release adhesions, and helps reduce scar tissue build up.

Prenatal Massage is a massage that one gets during pregnancy. It can offer relief to those who feel sore or pain as their body goes through various changes. Prenatal massage can help keep joints and muscles loose, may help with circulation, can help with overall relaxation.

This is just to list a few of the variety of massages types that are practiced. Massage may be good for most but it is not always good for all. Always be honest about health conditions and injuries as some may be contraindications for massage therapy. If ever unsure ask your medical provider if massage could be beneficial for you.

In all massage is more than just treating yourself, it’s taking care of yourself.

You can book your massage with one of our dedicated massage therapists here or call our office at 708-848-4626.

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