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2019 Chinese NY: Year of the Earth Pig!

2019 Year of the Earth Pig
Happy Chinese New Year!

On February 5th, 2019 we enter a new phase in the Chinese Calendar Year that will run till January 24, 2020.  While we westerners follow the Gregorian Calendar, on February 5th in China there will be parades, fireworks, and and the banging of pots and pans to usher in the Earth Pig.  

The Year of the Fire Dog, 2018, was a difficult one for many. There was a lot of strife, tension, and people separating into “packs” like dogs.  What we will see in the Year of the Earth Pig is an easing of this. There will be more gentleness, harmony and fellowship - much more goodwill and community.  A Pig Year is thought to be fortunate for most people particularly where money is concerned, however, guard against financial naivete.

The element Earth rules the stomach in Chinese Medicine. Therefore, this is a year to learn how to cook and eat a healthy, organic diet.  Seasonal foods, farm to table, medicinal foods are avenues to explore if you have not already. It’s a good year to make the nutritional changes you know you need to live your best life. Try to focus on any lingering health issues during this Earth year by addressing them.

At Serenity Holistic Health, we look forward to being in “community” with you with the various therapies we offer and would love to help you in your journey of better nutrition and health as we walk the path of the Earth Pig, together.  

-Maureen McLaughlin, LAc

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