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Essential oils can have fast, powerful impact on your emotions and physical health. You can use them to address a specific health issue, or to increase overall well-being and the energy in your space. Book a Consultation to learn more, or come in and enjoy an AromaTouch or Symphony of the Cells service to recover quickly from common illnesses.


AromaTouch Service: Eight specific essential oils are dropped along the spine and bottoms of feet to support stress management, immune support, inflammatory response, and homeostasis. Relax with a hot towel and receive optional Reiki at the end of your service. 

Essential Oil Consultation: Learn how to use essential oils to get & stay healthy at home. Safe in Pregnancy and for Adults, Babies, & Kids.

Symphony of the Cells Protocols: These protocols are being used with permission from SOTC creator by Boyd Truman - one of the most sought-after professionals in the industry.  They are designed to support healing an ongoing ailment or illness, or an acute situation. The protocols are focused on specific systems/areas of the body. Clients must participate in detox & nutritional supplementation program before beginning these protocols. Email Brynn for more information:


Essential Oil Consultation: 60 min - $60

AromaTouch Service: 60 min - $85 

Symphony of the Cells Spinal Technique: 60 min - $95

Symphony of the Cells Protocols

  • Basic Protocol

  • Cardiovascular Protocol

  • Cellular Protocol

  • Chi Protocol

  • Digestive Protocol

  • Emobic Protocol (Limbic System)

  • Forgiveness Protocol

  • Hormone Balance Protocol

  • Infectious Disease Protocol

  • Inflammatory Protocol

  • Lymphatic Protocol

  • Maxim Protocol

  • Neurological Protocol

  • Osteo Protocol

  • Respiratory Protocol

  • Solar Protocol

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